Justin Bieber buys out flower shop for Selena Gomez

It appears that Justin Bieber either misunderstood when Valentine’s Day was, or he’s really a hopeless romantic.  On Wednesday, two days after Valentine’s Day, Justin called up a flower shop and asked them if they could fill Selena Gomez‘s house with flowers… just because.

The florist in question agreed to try, but it took every flower in the shop (literally) to fill the order.  Several trucks were brought in to transport the flowers to Selena’s house, and the flowers were waiting for her in her house when she got home.  What a nice surprise for Justin’s girlfriend!  Oh, wait… are they still claiming not to be dating?

One thought on “Justin Bieber buys out flower shop for Selena Gomez”

  1. When oh when will this uptight talentless moron realize that no girl will ever truly love him, because no girl can ever truly love a guy who has, in the past, lied to girls, taken sexual advantage of them, and even slapped them in the face. He really needs to get over himself. Selena will most likely realize that he’s only done this for attention. Just like he ‘cut his hair for charity’, but actually cut it for attention, like some form of sick publicity to stunt to make himself look better.

    Justin Bieber, jump under a truck.

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