In what we can only assume is an attempt to look a bit more mature, pop superstar icon Justin Bieber has gone to the dark side with his hair. The new Justin Bieber hair style debuted on Sunday when the young singer was snapped by paparazzi outside of a friend’s home in Sherman Oaks, CA.

While the buzz on Twitter is a bit negative on the switch in hair color, some fans are pleased to see a little bit of a closer return to the famous Bieber flip style that used to make tweens swoon with a toss of his pretty little head.

Justin Bieber made headlines last year when he chopped his signature floppy blond locks into a short and spiky gelled look. Quite a few of his fans were distraught over the sudden change.

We knew it was going to be a big deal,” Bieber’s hairstylist, Vanessa Price, told MTV News of that first radical change. “We knew it was going to shock fans, but we also knew it was going to be a change in terms of growing up. I think that’s something that people adjust to.

“We’d been talking about it for a while and shared some ideas, but literally the day of he was adamant about the haircut. He amped himself up for it,” Price continued, before describing his momentary hesitation. “The minute we started cutting, he was like, ‘Wait, wait, wait.’ He loves it. He’s enjoying it.”

Bieber changed things up again last week when he was spotted out and about with a longer, combed-forward, lighter style. The new Justin Bieber hair style immediately evoked criticism and loud protests, including comparisions to a ‘young Donald Trump‘.

Bieber didn’t waste much time in deciding to ditch the Donald Trump do and make another change. This time around the outrage doesn’t seem quite so vocal, although some fans are still weirded out by their idol’s new look.

The new Justin Bieber hair style is surely part of his attempt to spice up his image for his upcoming album, Believe, coming out later this year. Bieber is ready to stop being just a teen star and be taken seriously as an artist. The new, darker do is likely one way he’s trying to give a more adult edge to his look.

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