Justin Bieber not interested in girls

It’s the question that every pre-teen girl in the world is asking – is Justin Bieber looking for a girlfriend?  The answer from the embryonic pop star is a resounding no, according to an interview Bieber gave just moments after his win at the VMAs a few days ago.  He says that he’s too busy right now with performing and having fun, and that although he likes hanging out with girls, that’s all he can offer at the moment due to his hectic schedule.

I’m surprised at the maturity of this answer, as I was expecting something more along the lines of “ew, girls are yucky” or maybe some paranoid diatribe about his fears of a cootie epidemic.  He may be 16 now, but he’s just about the youngest 16-year-old on the planet.

6 thoughts on “Justin Bieber not interested in girls”

  1. your point of view makes very little sense. you comment on the surprising maturity of his answer, and then proceed to call him the world’s youngest 16-year old…

  2. i think Justin can say what ever he wants, and we should all support it, not put it down!

  3. Justine .. many girls is busy having a bf but they are not busy looking for their true love .this relationship thingy is for having fun only and maybe yes you are busy for this its your opinion

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