Justin Bieber Pees Into Mop Bucket at Restaurant, Curses Bill Clinton (VIDEO)

On the growing roster of young celebrities who have gone totally bonkers, Justin Bieber is swiftly rising to the top of the list. If you don’t believe us, just check out the video below of Justin Bieber pissing into a mop bucket at a restaurant and then cursing former president Bill Clinton. Seriously, we can’t make this sh*t up.

Photo: Joe Bielawa via Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Joe Bielawa via Wikimedia Commons

We’re not sure what the hell happened to the sweet, adorable Justin Bieber that used to make tween girls swoon in the aisles while he lip synced to auto-tuned tracks of music written by other people. Whatever killed that cute little boy has now possessed his body and turned him into a total freak with a severe case of the Hollywood crazies. Case in point, this video.

This video of Justin Bieber peeing into a mop bucket and then defacing a photo of the former president while saying “F**k Bill Clinton” is all the evidence we need that this boy with his pants on the ground needs a intervention, stat!

According to TMZ.com, the incident reportedly occurred while Bieber and friends were exiting a nightclub through the backdoor via a restaurant kitchen. Apparently too big a star to use an actual restroom, or just too drunk to find it, Bieber decided to whip out his dick right there in the kitchen and piss into a mop bucket. We really hope they didn’t end up cleaning the floors with that mop water…

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