Justin Bieber Photographer Killed Trying to Catch Star in Compromising Position

A paparazzi photographer killed while following Justin Bieber was allegedly trying to catch the singer in a compromising position. The Justin Bieber photographer allegedly phoned in a tip to his agency shortly before he died claiming he saw the young superstar smoking marijuana while driving.

Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center in West Java, Indonesia
Photo Credit: Adam Sundana, Wikimedia.org

Freelance photographer Chris Guerra was killed while attempting to snap pics of Justin Bieber’s white Ferrari after it was pulled over by police on Tuesday. The vehicle had been stopped by the California Highway Patrol for speeding, according to TMZ.com. Guerra was crossing a busy street after being told to go back to his car by officers when he was struck and fatally injured. He was taken to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, where he was declared dead.

The Justin Bieber paparazzi allegedly phoned in a claim he was on to an extremely hot story just prior to his death. Chris Guerra told a photo agency he had spotted the 18-year-old superstar smoking what he thought was weed in a pipe while driving earlier in the day, according to TMZ.

Guerra, who had been following Justin Bieber all day, tailed the “Beauty and a Beat” singer to the Four Seasons hotel. After waiting approximately 20 minutes, the singer’s white Ferarri left the hotel and Guerra took up the chase again. He did not know, apparently, that Justin Bieber was no longer driving the vehicle. The person who was actually behind the wheel was 19-year-old rapper Lil Twist, Bieber’s friend and protege.

Justin Bieber said the death of photographer Chris Guerra was a “tragic accident” and his “thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim.” In a statement released by his representative, Bieber said he hopes “this tragedy will finally inspire meaningful legislation and whatever other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, innocent public bystanders and the photographers themselves.”

Police said there is no indication alcohol or drugs at play in the accident. Guerra was not in a crosswalk and failed to look both ways before he was hit and killed. The driver of the car involved is reportedly cooperating fully with authorities.

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