Justin Bieber Pranks Twitter Hacker by Posting Phone Number

Justin Bieber doesn’t play nice! In an act of revenge against a hacker who broke into a friend’s Twitter account last month, Justin Bieber posted the guy’s phone number on his Twitter feed this weekend and urged his millions of followers to give the hacker a ring.

Justin Bieber (Photo: Kevin Aranibar - Wikimedia Commons)
Justin Bieber (Photo: Kevin Aranibar - wikimedia Commons)

The alleged hacker supposedly broke into one of Justin Bieber’s friend’s Twitter accounts to try to get the young singing sensation’s phone number. Bieber struck back this weekend by posting the alleged hacker’s phone number to his over 4.5 million Twitter followers. The message posted simply read: “everyone call me XXX-XXX-XXXX or text.”

Naturally, thousands of Justin Bieber fans immediately followed their idol’s directions and did so. The alleged hacker, a teenager from Detroit named Kevin Kristopik, was flooded with thousands of phone calls and texts.

In response, Kristopik posted a YouTube video showing his phone being overloaded with Bieber fans calling in. He also allegedly called Bieber a dick on his Twitter page before deleting it.

The Tweet from Bieber with the alleged hacker’s phone number was later removed.

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