Justin Bieber Stolen Laptop Publicity Stunt for ‘Beauty and a Beat’

If you and just about everyone else didn’t know it already, it does indeed look like that whole Justin Bieber stolen laptop story is just one ridiculous publicity stunt for the singer’s new “Beauty and a Beat” music video. One would think with the endless millions Justin Bieber has earned off his tween fans, he could hire a PR firm with a little more creativity in viral marketing. Although I guess we’re talking about here despite the fact that it was a badly thought out and rather lame stunt, so I suppose it was successful anyway, right?

The Justin Bieber stolen laptop story hit the press on Tuesday after the singer claimed on Twitter that someone had taken his stuff while he was on stage at a concert in Tacoma, Washington.

“Sucks when u (you) take personal footage and people don’t respect your privacy. Yesterday during the show me and my tour manager Josh had some stuff stolen. Really sucks. People should respect others’ property,” the singer posted on his official Justin Bieber Twitter page. “I had a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera and that is what bothers me the most. Lame. No respect.”

Oddly, no police report was filed and cops in Washington responded to press inquiries by saying they hadn’t heard anything about the alleged theft. That and the fact that Bieber actually supposedly had the stupidity to say the laptop and camera contained “a lot of personal footage” should have been the first clue this was a big fake.

It did not take long before the alleged thief started directing messages under the username @gexwy to the Justin Bieber Twitter feed with ‘leaked’ videos from the stolen laptop.

Going completely against what any actual celebrity would do, Justin Bieber then allegedly started arguing with the ‘threatening’ thief on his Twitter page. Which never would actually happen. If it was real and it was the thief and he posted actual video from the stolen laptop, Bieber’s legal team and management would have had the account shut down after the first Tweet and had a court order in the works to force Twitter to reveal the asshat’s IP address and any other information they could get. They would NOT allow their client (Bieber) to engage in a back and forth verbal war on Twitter.

The videos were relatively innocent and mostly showed cute ‘candid’ moments of Justin Bieber. The last video released, however, shows Bieber cavorting with a bunch of babes in a pool, none of which where his girlfriend Selena. @gexwy claimed on Twitter they would be releasing more footage from the pool party that was super scandelous at noon on Friday.

Of course, everyone knows that Justin Bieber’s new “Beauty and a Beat” video is coming out on Friday, so… yes, the whole thing is just one big, badly managed publicity stunt. Seriously, does anyone really think a Justin Bieber laptop containing personal video footage could actually be stolen from his trailer/dressing room during a live concert with the insane amount of security he has? Besides, the whole story was ruined from the start because no police report was filed. That was a red flag of epic size waving right from the start that this whole thing was nothing more than a bad attempt at viral video marketing.

For those of you who actually care, at noon the allegedly blackmailer thief posted the ‘scandelous’ video footage… and it was, of course, a link to the new Justin Bieber “Beauty and a Beat” video. Which, in itself, is about as lame as the whole publicity stunt. I mean really, you couldn’t even come up with an original title or even pun it appropriately because someone else already took “Beauty and the Beat” — seriously? And really, Nicki Minaj? Are you losing your ‘cool’ status so badly you have to stoop to that level?

BTW, if you have heard of some alleged Justin Bieber video out there showing him without clothes and holding his junk, which was supposedly leaked from the stolen laptop, it’s fake. Don’t even bother. You have to applaud whoever took advantage of that publicity stunt to make a quick buck like that though…

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