Justin Timberlake’s Granny Has His Wedding All Planned

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have been dating since January of last year, and Justin’s reportedly started searching out potential wedding venues…especially some of the world’s most exclusive and private islands. However, it seems his beloved grandmother, Sadie Bomar, has other ideas.

The Sun reports she has the wedding plans in full swing, and has already chosen the spot! Gramma Sadie says Justin and Jessica should get married, at the earliest opportunity, in his mom Lynn’s backyard! Gramma apparently doesn’t care for the “private island” wedding idea. She says:

I just want them to be happy. Justin should get married in Lynn’s back yard in Tennessee. She has a big yard with beautiful flowers. I think it would be perfect.

Gramma Sadie also likes Jessica, and says she’s very sweet, is his age, and isn’t possessive. (Take THAT Cameron Diaz! Ouch!) Yep, Sadie wasn’t a big Cameron fan. She did NOT like the cougar-aspect of their relationship due to their 8 year age gap.

A source close to the Timberlake family says that Justin started talking about marriage earlier this year. His family is delighted and started planning his big day. They’re not sure how much he knows about it, though! Justin and Jessica have TRIED to keep their romance private, but were very much together for a rare public outing at a club opening this weekend.

Justin may have to cave in to his beloved Granny and mom, ‘cuz it sounds like the two of them have his wedding plans all wrapped up. We’ll just have to wait and see what Jessica thinks!

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