Kanye West finally does something non-douchey

Someone needs to write yesterday’s date down as an all-time first – Kanye West finally did something that, for once, may not have entirely been about his own ego.  New Yorkers for Children hosts an annual Wrap to Rap event to benefit local kids in need, and out of nowhere, Kanye just showed up unannounced and asked to volunteer wrapping gifts.

He stayed for a while, did his job without trying to draw any attention to himself, and then left out the back door without any fanfare.  Now, of course he knew that the press would get a hold of the story, and it definitely looks good for him to be doing something that benefits someone other than himself.  I’m sure the positive PR angle wasn’t lost on him.

4 thoughts on “Kanye West finally does something non-douchey”

  1. Actually, Kanye has served food at Soup Kitchens and done this sort of things for years. Get your facts straight before you write this type of article that only makes you look like a douche.

  2. Thank you, miles! I love Ye, and all these haters make up stuff about him. The media makes him look much worse then he is.

  3. actually, whoever wrote this is a douche. Kanye has been doing stuff for the public for years.

  4. My thoughts exactly Aws. It kills me the way people write articles about him, even when he does something great. Speaking of which, he’s made some of the greatest music EVER! He may be a lot of things but you can’t deny the mans talent. He cares. I repeat, he cares. He’s extremely passionate and I’m not sure if enough artists today are. I’m sure whoever wrote this never heard of his “Stay In School” Benefit concert he does every year in his hometown Chicago. Or how about his Common Ground Foundation, Doctors
    Without Borders, and Dr. Donda West Foundations? I bet you didn’t, too busy crucifing him over Swift Gate. Get a life!

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