Kara Dioguardi Wins Most Horrid Idol Anthem

What a great finale for American Idol tonight! Both Adam Lambert and Kris Allen delivered fab performances…but each of their weakest songs (of three) was the cheesy, mandatory Idol anthem of overcoming- this year penned by judge Kara Dioguardi and some of her BFF’s. “No Boundaries” makes “This is my Now” sound like a masterpiece. Neither Adam or Kris, as wildly talented as they are, could make K-Dig’s tune sound like anything other than a hot mess. Simon was quietly horrified. It will not be a top iTunes download. Trust.

It will be a huge conclusion tonight when the winner is crowned. Snarkista, as you know, has been an Adam Lambert fan from the word GO. Kris Allen, however, is wildly talented too- he plays several instruments and has a great sound and presence. Way back in the season, one of the judges pointed out that Kris was the guy who would help other contestants with their arrangements.

It is really too tough to call. One thing’s for sure, they’re both gonna be big stars! Good luck to Adam and Kris. You both deserve to be there.

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4 thoughts on “Kara Dioguardi Wins Most Horrid Idol Anthem”

  1. Tonight’s show was amazing.
    It for me was Adam all the way, however I must give kudos to Kris Allen, for “Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone”, a very well performed piece. He truly deserves to be number two.
    Adam is the most amazing Idol contestant I have ever seen. His performances have been consistantly excellent. And Kris has consistently improved every week. Both of these young men truly deserve to be where they are.
    I only hope that people voted as to talent and not for sexual preferences or vengeance. Both of these young men deserve better than that.
    I will be watching as Adam is crowned the next, American Idol

  2. they both performed well last night but I give my ups for Adam he is amazing! and with that the cheesy song that judge Kara Dioguardi wrote omg it sucked!!!“No Boundaries”

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