Kate Gosselin Jon & Kate Plus 8 Facebook Message Fake?

Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin allegedly posted a message on her Facebook account this week bemoaning the probable cancellation of the TLC reality show due to failing ratings. Problem is, the Facebook message heard round the Net might not be from Kate Gosselin at all.


As reported by tabloid sites across the web, Kate Gosselin reportedly posted on her Facebook page: “With ratings falling, this might be the last season of Jon & Kate Plus 8. I’m not sure yet.” However, further research has revealed the Kate Gosselin Facebook page may be a fake. According to Radar Online, an unnamed friend of Gosselin says the reality TV star doesn’t even have a Facebook page.

Actually, there are at least a full dozen Facebook accounts claiming to be Kate Gosselin. Obviously it isn’t hard to make a Facebook page claiming to be any celebrity. While Kate Gosselin does have a “fan” page on Facebook that she appears to occassionally post too, none of the other Facebook accounts under her name are verified as belonging to her.

Granted, the ratings for Jon & Kate Plus 8 have indeed taken a nosedive since the divorce drama between Jon and Kate Gosselin went public. Plus, Kate Gosselin is already reportedly working on a new talk show targeted to moms. On the other hand, Kate Gosselin is quite aware TLC is currently her sugar-daddy and we think it’s pretty unlikely she’d say anything potentially negative about Jon & Kate Plus 8 – especially in such an informal way as a Facebook post.

So we’re calling this rumor as a fake until and unless Kate Gosselin fesses up to making the statement.

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8 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Jon & Kate Plus 8 Facebook Message Fake?”

  1. iam so very happy for u both now. me and my husband have been married 26 years now. this february it will be 27 years now your kids are so cuited now on tv i hope it works out for u both now ok heres my email now its minnie 022359 @hot mail.com so write me there now ok rsvp i will watch for your show now on tv bye for now from lori and richard house your big fans now

  2. hello.I am writing to Kate. i would love to visit with you sometime. i can only imagine how busy you are. i dont really get into all of the here say that is going on with you.I can tell you that less is more. You look amazing.EAT YOUR HEART OUT JON. Keeping quiet (although im sure its hard to do) makes you look very centered and strong. you dont have to say anything your actions speak loud enough. you’re a great mom and role model. Do what feels right. you’ll always have b.s. from ignorant people. Only you know your business and thats all that matters!

  3. They both are just blood sucking nobodies that have bilked millions of $ from the American gossip crowd that has no lives. You are the losers. Everyone; just pay no attention and let them have the millions that you will never have and just fade away. Not to mention the exploitation of the children. I have children too.

  4. The bitch is now changing the name of the show to Kate plus Eight. Jon has halted the filming. KUDO’s Jon.

  5. The show isn’t the same with Jon and Kate split up. I hope they do cancel the show and get their lives straightened out. I feel sorry for Cara and Mary they always look so sad.

  6. go away
    go away
    go away
    these IDIOTS will spend ALL the money on LAWYERS now! B/c they are too stupid to work it out, as PARENTS! Monster mom and dumbo dad…sucking up all the PR they can get, while their children get to watch it on TAPE. How many Gosselin kids will be screwed up b/c of this? Wanna start betting…b/c there ain’t one of them that will come out of this BS unscathed!!
    Sick, pathetic, scumbags….both of them!!
    GO AWAY!!

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