Kate Gosselin is diving into the new year with a brand new attitude and a new hairdo to match – and minus the baggage of former husband Jon Gosselin. Kate Gosselin has replaced her trademark short hairstyle with long, blonde locks, but honestly we’re not sure if this is a good thing.

Kate Gosselin People Cover

Kate Gosselin People Cover

Sure, Kate Gosselin does look younger on the cover of People with her new blond hair extensions. Of course, Photoshop probably has a lot to do with that. She also, however, looks kind of celebrity-whorish in our never humble opinion. Basically, she now looks like every other reality TV fame banger chick out there. Real (Ex) Housewives of Pennsylvania anyone? Next she’ll be getting breast implants – unless she’s already done that…  Somehow that blond weave makes Kate Gosselin look way more ‘cougar’ than MILF – which we think is a move in the wrong direction.

Kate Gosselin told People her new hairdo backs up her new attitude of having a “fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life.” The reality TV mom of eight said she felt good having hair again. “I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did.”

We kind of miss the spiky, weirdly lopsided hair. At least it made her unique. Now she just looks like every other Hollywood wannabee that ever stretched their 15 minutes of fame way too far.

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