Kate Gosselin New Hair – Classy or Trashy?

Kate Gosselin is diving into the new year with a brand new attitude and a new hairdo to match – and minus the baggage of former husband Jon Gosselin. Kate Gosselin has replaced her trademark short hairstyle with long, blonde locks, but honestly we’re not sure if this is a good thing.

Kate Gosselin People Cover
Kate Gosselin People Cover

Sure, Kate Gosselin does look younger on the cover of People with her new blond hair extensions. Of course, Photoshop probably has a lot to do with that. She also, however, looks kind of celebrity-whorish in our never humble opinion. Basically, she now looks like every other reality TV fame banger chick out there. Real (Ex) Housewives of Pennsylvania anyone? Next she’ll be getting breast implants – unless she’s already done that…  Somehow that blond weave makes Kate Gosselin look way more ‘cougar’ than MILF – which we think is a move in the wrong direction.

Kate Gosselin told People her new hairdo backs up her new attitude of having a “fresh start, a fresh me, a fresh life.” The reality TV mom of eight said she felt good having hair again. “I never thought I’d have short hair for as long as I did.”

We kind of miss the spiky, weirdly lopsided hair. At least it made her unique. Now she just looks like every other Hollywood wannabee that ever stretched their 15 minutes of fame way too far.

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49 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin New Hair – Classy or Trashy?”

  1. It looks how Britney Spears’ hair did when she went all Sinead O’Connor, and threw in some extensions for her VMA performance. Completely tacky.

  2. OMG – hair extensions, false eyelashes, new boobs. When will it end? Next – Lipo, lip job, hire hit man for Jon. The list goes on and on.

  3. I think Kate would look good with long hair but this extension job looks awful!! It doesn’t blend well at all with her real hair. Looks cheap and horrible. It even looks a bit like a mullet.

  4. Dont worry Kate I like it theu made fun of youe old hair do how bout pleasing yourself to hell how others think or feel I would change my hairif I was changin g other things Just like your new clothes.Keep it up Kate Im behind you.

  5. it’s a nice change. I hardly recognize her. We all wish we could have this done to help grow out long hair.


  7. i love her hair.is does not look bad she used to have it like that anyway.when she was younger.like in her first wedding pics.she looks great.GO KATE!!!! 😀


  9. wow i think it looks great on her.she is a great mom.wow people stop with the mean comments its just hair you have to change it up once in a while 🙂

  10. I love it!!! She looks younger and absolutely beautiful. I think I am a very hard to please person and I think it looks quite natural.

  11. She does look pretty hot with the new, fake hair, but the Grand Canyon just called Kate and would like its “who-haw” back.

  12. Sil…I totally agree with you. This extension job looks pretty bad, and yes, I totally thought it looked a little bit like a mullet.

  13. She already has had extensive lipo and most likely plastic surgery – Face looks totally different, from short to long hair let alone what she looked like at the beginning. Maybe she should be spending this $ on her kids if she is so worried about caring for them.

  14. It looks a lot better…..the old DO was nothing but pure trailer trash…….I’m not saying she’s still not trailer trash…….

  15. -k-, honestly, I can’t STAND the mouthy &^%$#@!, but I have to admit, this is better than the POODLE doo that she had before….GOD I can’t STAND that women….

  16. You go for it girl,looks good,maybe we all should make some changes in our lives to make us feel younger and happy, if the hair does it, go for it, it’s only hair but it makes a world of differance to some ones self esteam.Stop with all the negitive junk. New Year, New DO,just like most of us wanting to start the New Year fresh……

  17. Kate, do your hair the way you want, if it makes you happy, then thats all that matters, no need to impress anyone, the heck with all the negative comments, people just need to leave you alone, long hair is nice, fresh and fun (Just as short hair can be) there are just to many haters and you just have to ignore them. Smiles

  18. Kate, the new hair is beautiful…don’t listen to what everyone else says, you are beautiful inside & out, love u & the kids, miss the show…Hope you & the kids are happy no matter what life throws your way, stay strong!!!!

  19. She bugged me from day one … couldn’t stand her! She was on The View
    and now she’s has this new hair. She’s grown on me and I like her now. She looks great and she is now officially a guilty pleasure. She’s not gonna go away so enjoy her while she’s here. 🙂

  20. Sorry, Kate. I think your new hair style looks bogus – wasn’t crazy about your old one but this one is much, much worse!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I think it looks great!!!!

    Jon always preffered long hair in all the persons he chose. To bad he lost her!

  22. Why? is it that there is always an ass trying too make Kate Gosselin seem as if she’s the one to look down on, remember all you asses! that her husband is the one who screwed up! in more ways than one. Now that she is facing the world with her head up high, and with confidence. It seems as if a lot of people would like to see her down, thank goodness they are mistaken. This woman has more character than a lot of you, in her little toe, than anyone will ever. WELL I GUESS, JON IS THE ONE GETTING F–KED IN ALL THE WRONG PLACES AND PARTS!

  23. She’s just the typical divorcee who just signed divorce papers and is already on the prowl for a new man. And she’s gonna have a TV show about her “dating” and new sex life – it’ll be plastered all over the media, the internet and on TV. She needs to live her life in private – especially her “dating” and new men and sex life. Has she and the media no dignity or decency?

  24. It only cost $7000 and 15 hours away from her children. Poor Kate. $7000.00 could be well spent on her children if she is continually whinning about the cost of her children. Seems she is more concerned with herself.

  25. Why is everyone jumping on Jon? Have you actually watched their show? She slapped him in the face right on camera! Then she told him to quit being a baby. If he had slapped her like that, or said 1/4 of things to her that she has said to him, he’d be an “abuser.” Look at the pictures. He truly loved her, and it wasn’t that long ago either. She is a single mother of 8 kids (good luck finding a man) bc of herself.

  26. Ha,ha,ha,ha,,,Looks like someone put a wig on an ugly coyote then added the gold hoop earrings as an afterthought to try to make the animal look prettier. The funny part is, the coyote would of pulled it off!!!!!

  27. Lipstick on a pig. Srsly. Especially after she whined about Jon “leaving his family” and she is “now left by herself to support the children.” Ummmm, Kate? You may wanna start by NOT SPENDING $7,000 ON A HAIRDO, MMMMKAY???? Any sympathy anyone had for you just left the building…

  28. do you want to know something? if kate is happy with her new do that’s all that matters, she has to live with thw new do not us.

  29. Things changed fast. We went from watching her shop for groceries for 10 and couponing, to going to the spa or beach to “relax”. Important for “stars” like her to have a handler, she obviously has no common sense when dealing with public or media. This hair thing is perfect example.

    Truly ugly hair long or short. Cemented possum hair or blond mop with touch of possum hair in the bangs, which shall it be? How about a simple do that needs little care befitting a woman with 8 kids?

    I feel sorry for children and ex husband. Her lack of respect and enjoyment in embarrassing him on television were horrible. From the beginning her schedules, organizing and controlling was more important than any relationship. Typical bully. Ya look silly!!

  30. I seriously doubt that Kate “all of a sudden” became domineering and outspoken, so it’s not like Jon was in for a surprise. If you watch the shows, it’s Kate doing the majority of planning and care with jon trailing behind like a half-retarded puppy. He was just one more child for her to care for, and I don’t blame her for treating him like one. Now he’s a teenager, rebelling against “mom”, staying out, drinking, stealing money from the family account… I feel bad for the kids. Not all families have their dirty laundry aired so publicly.

  31. I think she looks dynamite with the long hair! It takes years off her looks and softens her face very nicely. RAWR!

  32. i just want you guys to know , im a hairstylist and i do the bonded extensions like kate has. it’s VERY DIFFICULT to blend old hair that was that dam short before with long hair..it tends to look like a mullet. thats why girls who get extensions usually wear them curly, it hides the mullet look. you can’t put bonded ones all the way up to your part or around your hairline because you’d see the “track” in your hair.

  33. She can do what ever she wants with her hair, but she cant change the fact that she has 8 kids. That’s a ton of baggage!! I can’t see any man In this day and age that is going to take that on. Especially with the drama that will come along with her! Sorry Kate you should have stopped at two!!

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