Kate Gosselin New Show on TLC Makes Us Nauseous

Dancing With the Stars diva Kate Gosselin will be returning to TLC with a new reality show. The new series, Twist of Kate, will begin airing 12 episodes this summer. The whole idea of Kate Gosselin stretching out her long expired 15 minutes of fame yet again puts a nasty twist in our stomach.

Kate Gosselin on 'Dancing With the Stars'
Kate Gosselin on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)

Kate Gosselin’s new show will feature the reality TV mom using “fan letters from women inspired by her story as the basis for profiles of women facing their own challenges,” according to USA Today. Why is it that a reality show supposedly about profiling other women somehow makes Kate Gosselin sound even more narcissistic and self-involved? Someone bring us the Tums and Pepto, stat!

Twist of Kate will not focus on Gosselin’s children, but the 8 kids will reportedly return to TV in several Kate Plus 8 specials. So, basically, using the children to raise cash to pay for their own nannies… gotta love that. Ex-husband Jon Gosselin, of course, will mostly likely be notably absent from any kind of filming (or earning) going on.

“I look at it as a loose concept,” Kate Gosselin said of her new reality show. “I want to be out there learning from others, helping to provide insight whenever I can, though I don’t consider myself an expert on anything.”

Let’s just hope no one needs any advice about dancing, because obviously Kate Gosselin is definitely the furthest thing from expert in that area!

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9 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin New Show on TLC Makes Us Nauseous”

  1. Um, sure. Kate is going to do a show about other people? That’s about as likely as Tyra not turning every conversation to become something about Tyra.

  2. people have to know, what Kate is doing is very hard everyone complaining about her dancing,
    TRY IT YOURSELVES, see how fast your tune changes

  3. Kate needs to GROW UP! She decided to have 6 more children. She decided her spouse was not good enough so she bullied him out the door. Tired of hearing the narcissistic complaining, how can so many women fall for the fake sob story???

  4. ENOUGH — ENOUGH!!! Definitely tired of hearing kate talk about tough single motherhood. She’s not the typical single mother-she has more in her bank account than someone in the same position. Get her off the air!!!!

  5. @ Janice Jenkins. You must be one of those idiots that votes in her favor on DWTS. Guess you’ve been falling for her pathetic life story. Give me a break. She’s a trainwreck.

  6. Either TLC can’t find anyone with any talent whatsoever or they are just plain idiots and don’t know what talent is all about. Kate Gosselin has NO TALENT! She in no way shape or form belongs on television. She is riding the shirt tails of her children. She has plenty of money put away(not including college funds) from the show and her first book sales. GET HER OUT OF HERE!

  7. I am sick and tired from somebody who is using kids for making money. Her statement like I am single mother (but with $ 20,000 monthly support and made half million from Dancing with Stars). She doesn’t spend time with her kids. Has 3 nannies and person for maintaining the household. Do people watch because they are fascinating with her arrogance and narcissistic behavior. She is so pathetic.

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