Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars Diva Drama

There have been few things more painful to watch on television than Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars Monday night. Even Buzz Aldrin, who looks like he’s going to break into pieces any moment, looked more graceful on the dance floor than the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality TV mom.

Kate Gosselin on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)
Kate Gosselin on 'Dancing With the Stars' (ABC)

We still can’t figure out why on Earth Kate Gosselin would volunteer to be humiliated in such an extremely public manner. Oh, wait, money and fame… we forgot. Seriously though, the whole Dancing With the Stars gig is just showing off more and more how much of a self-involved, talentless diva she really is. Her whole ‘pity me cause my life is so hard’ crap is just about as fake as her hair – and yes, we are saying it – her boobs.

Did Kate Gosselin really think back-talking her professional dancing partner, Tony Dovolani, was going to make her look cool? Or throwing out that “I’ve had a lot of people quit on me in life” quip during her spat with Dovolani was going to make viewers feel any kind of sympathy for her? Please.

It might at least be entertaining to watch Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars if she had any hint of acting or dancing ability. She doesn’t. If it were us, we wouldn’t have gone back and played nicey-nice with her after walking out on her BS, like Dovolani did – contracts and paychecks be damned. You couldn’t pay us enough to put up with that woman’s verbal abuse and nasty attitude for even as long as it would take us to tell her to shove her dancing shoes somewhere the sun don’t shine.

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3 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin on Dancing With the Stars Diva Drama”

  1. If I were Tony I really would quit with her. She is a self centered egotistical untalented women, and she wants to be in showbiz. I don’t blame Jon for divorcing her she did nothing but yell at him and tell him how perfect she is while letting him know that her knew nothing. Kate get a life in another world.

  2. Sure, Kate is someone who may never have any experience on dancing; but she is trying and is making efforts. Please give her the time she needs to make a progress and cheer her up for any progress she is making! Tony should take this as a challenge and enjoy to teach someone who doesn’t know how to dance! A great teacher can teach students who are at any levels. Remember, having fun!!

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