Kate Gosselin Returns to TV – Do We Care?

Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality TV mom Kate Gosselin will finally be returning to television, or so the latest dish says. According to media reports hitting the Net on Tuesday, Kate Gosselin will star in a new show scheduled to debut later this year.

Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin will reportedly be the star of her own new reality TV show reportedly scheduled to begin airing in late spring or early summer. The show will not feature Kate Gosselin’s eight children or ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

According to a report from TheWrap.com, the show will focus around Kate Gosselin “trying different jobs and tasks and showing how she performs in the different environments.” An unidentified ‘source’ reportedly said the show will be “more like Kate Gosselin, firefighter… not Kate Gosselin, wife and homemaker.”

We won’t hold our breath waiting for the new Kate Gosselin series to premiere. Even if it really does make it on air, we’re not really seeing a huge audience really giving a shit about Kate Gosselin pretending to be a firefighter or anything else.

Considering Gosselin recently announced her kids will be entering into psychological counseling for their serious emotional issues, we’re thinking maybe it might be better if she tried pretending to be ‘mommy’ again for a while instead.

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18 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Returns to TV – Do We Care?”

  1. That sounds like New York’s (the lady, not the place) show where she goes around trying different jobs in different environments…

    Wait, I’ve never seen Kate and New York in the same place at the same time. Is it possible they’re the same person?? The only logical answer is yes. Yes, they are.

  2. Kate has a large fan base, believe it or not. Even those who dislike who are so obsessed with her you better believe they will be turning in. As for the “pretending to be a mom” line, that is SO tired. News flash: most moms work these days, especially when their ex’s are not capable of earning a living to support the kids.

  3. She has to make a living somehow. It’s a lot of kids to support and she’ll make a lot more in the TV business than she would in nursing. I hope it works out for her and that Jon’s able to pull himself together and start supporting those little ones, as well.

  4. Good comments Jordon and Jennifer, I for one am looking forward to her show if this is true. I wish the children could be on but maybe in the future.

  5. I think the name for her show should be Kate Gosselin-99 ways to be a bitch. Seriously, the lady has no talent, the only talent she has is spitting out a bunch of kids.

  6. She is such a “washed up douch-bag” who cares what she does??!! She is the biggest phoney faced fraud I have ever seen on t.v. She is an evil witch and quite the liar I might add. She can bring on those crocodile tears whenever she wants. I really, really hope she just disappears off the face of t.v.

  7. I’ll watch it. I’m interested.

    I wonder if Kate was always so crabby because she had too much on her plate — eight kids and a husband who has shown himself to be a man-child loser. That would be enough to turn any saint into a sinner.

    I liked J&K+8 because I like a story with a good villain — in the case of that show it was Kate. They were a train wreck of a family and she was so wicked. You never knew what kind of horror was going to present itself each week. (Who would melt down, who would go off on whom?)

    But I also like stories about survivors — someone who comes through a difficult time and triumphs. If Kate can pull that off, I’m interested in her and her story.

  8. I love to watch Kate and I have missed seeing her craziness..I am sorry that all you perfect talented people (Charlene) are so miserable with yourselves that you have to hate other people. She is a mom (better than most I know) and she does have a job. It takes talent to have a big a fan base as Brangelina..Kate had more time on covers then they did and was so popular before the scam that the shit had to hit the fan. Your right who cares about all the crap. I just want to watch someone I like on TV she makes me laugh..all you negative people should just stick to what you identify with The Biggest Loser & Desperate Housewives.

  9. Kate will do fine and you need to get off her back. She is as apt and capable as any other “person” you see on the tube. You people make me sick always picking on her.

  10. Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie already did this YEARS AGO!

    Can’t they come up with something ORIGINAL?!

  11. Thank you Andrea, I am “perfect” and “talented” you and Evil Kate belong together. Perhaps Evil Kate will have you on her show as you apparently have nothing better to do!!!!

  12. All I care about are those kids getting healthy again so they can live a happier life. It just blows me away that both J&K got too greedy and couldn’t see the damage going on with their kids MONTHS and MONTHS ago.. Just sad.

    As for both J&K, they need to be friendly enough to co parent together and stop trying to outdue one another in the public eye. They each just do it differently. I’ sorry, 7 grand for a new hairstyle??????????? She could just let her hair grow long like everyone else.

  13. Kate: If you’re such a great mom the way you pretend to be, and how your fans see you, WHY DON’T YOU JUST STAY AT HOME AND RAISE YOUR KIDS????!!!

    L O S E R!
    W I T C H!



  16. My mother raised 12 children and one of them was mentally challenged. My Dad worked 6 days a week and Mom stayed at home. Never, in all my 18years at home did my Mom belittle my Dad in front of us. I know that reality shows ask for people to put in some drama, but Kate just went overboard, all for the price of fame and fortune. Sad thing is one of her children acts just like her, but I hope she will learn from all this.

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