Kate Gosselin is pulling out the big guns in her war with estranged husband Jon Gosselin. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality mom will reportedly file for both spousal and child support at a court hearing on Tuesday in Pennsylvania.


Kate Gosselin still claims her soon-to-be ex-husband Jon Gosselin stole $230,000 from one of their joint bank accounts. Since Jon Gosselin has denied the alleged theft and refused to return the funds, Kate Gosselin is reportedly ready to launch a full-scale financial war against her ex.

“She needs relief in light of the draining of substantial marital assets in violation of the arbitrator’s decision that the money should be used only for specific purposes,” Kate Gosselin’s lawyer told People.

Kate Gosselin has already filed a motion on Monday for Jon Gosselin to be charged with contempt for withdrawing funds without her approval. She also wants the court to force him to return the money she claims he took without permission.

Ironically enough, Jon Gosselin joked back in May that he would never get divorced because he’d have to pay child support for eight children. We’re betting he’s rethinking that whole ploy to have Jon & Kate Plus 8 shut down. Obviously if Kate Gosselin can’t get her paycheck from TLC, she’ll happily bleed Jon for all he’s worth instead!

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