Kate Gosselin Wants Child Support and Alimony from Jon Gosselin

Kate Gosselin is pulling out the big guns in her war with estranged husband Jon Gosselin. The Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality mom will reportedly file for both spousal and child support at a court hearing on Tuesday in Pennsylvania.


Kate Gosselin still claims her soon-to-be ex-husband Jon Gosselin stole $230,000 from one of their joint bank accounts. Since Jon Gosselin has denied the alleged theft and refused to return the funds, Kate Gosselin is reportedly ready to launch a full-scale financial war against her ex.

“She needs relief in light of the draining of substantial marital assets in violation of the arbitrator’s decision that the money should be used only for specific purposes,” Kate Gosselin’s lawyer told People.

Kate Gosselin has already filed a motion on Monday for Jon Gosselin to be charged with contempt for withdrawing funds without her approval. She also wants the court to force him to return the money she claims he took without permission.

Ironically enough, Jon Gosselin joked back in May that he would never get divorced because he’d have to pay child support for eight children. We’re betting he’s rethinking that whole ploy to have Jon & Kate Plus 8 shut down. Obviously if Kate Gosselin can’t get her paycheck from TLC, she’ll happily bleed Jon for all he’s worth instead!

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22 thoughts on “Kate Gosselin Wants Child Support and Alimony from Jon Gosselin”

  1. She is more likely to have to pay him spousal support and alimony since he has less assets than she has, is that not true? He was the one who stayed home with the kids while she worked. She acted like a man when she was married and now she will be treated like the breadwinner in the divorce, no matter much she pretends to be a helpless woman now.

  2. I would think that too if not for the fact that he took all that money out of an account that was not supposed to be touched except to pay property taxes and other bills, plus he took away the families income from TLC. He just might have to ante up now..haha I hope so….

  3. Jon’s denying having taken the money, and while he’s got the middle aged crazy thing going on I don’t think he’s stupid enough to lie about a public thing like that in the press. My guess is that he authorized his sleazy attorney to withdraw retainers/fees, and that the lawyer took the money directly — not Jon. Just a guess!

    But yeah, if anyone should pay alimony it’s Kate. AFTER the $230,000 issue is resolved.

  4. How on earth is she going to get support from someone who doesn’t work? They are both so irresponsible and selfish. I think the judge should put all their money in a trust fund for the kids, and give mom and dad an allowance. That is all either of them deserve. They fit in better in a trailer park than in the mansion they own.

  5. Pennsylvannia has similiar divorce laws to wisconsin which means that Jon would be the one who would qualify for spousal support since kate has income from books, appearances etc. Child support would depend on custody. As long as they share custody then he wouldn’t have to pay child support either. Kate should tell TLC to fully release Jon from contractual obligations so he can go do that reality show that he wants to do. He will then have an income of his own.

  6. I really feel bad for these 8 children! Its obvious they are both evil minded right now. And its sad. I have one Child and when we are ugly towards eachother … she knows. Shes only 2. And asks me … Mommy is daddy be mean to you ? Its sad. I really feel for these kids. It must be so hard to be a part of realitys spotlight. Pappo needs to back off them. They only want attention and the poor kids need to have a break.

  7. The 200,000 is nothing compared to her earning power and hiden money. She is the one being offered all the jobs not him. The best she can hope for is that she will have to pay for a specified period of time and pay for him to get traning to support himself . That’s how it works for the person with deepest pockets, man or woman. She can play the victim all she wants for the public act but the law is the law. Big TLC will not be able to convince a judge otherwise. She is not that stupid to believe the she is actually going to get money out of that fool of a husband. But she married a man she could be the man of the house with and now she has to take it like a man! Too late to act like he was in charge. She will be enraged when this happens. This woman will not be able to attract a man again that her reward for being so controling.

  8. I think they are both extremely immature. When Kate was being interviewed she said something to the effect of she will work at McDonalds if she has to to feed her kids. Hmmmm, why not go back to nursing? She would make more money in that profession. Just a thought.

  9. What is the world is wrong with that woman. Get her children off TLC and they both need to get real jobs. For goodness sake, doesn’t she have a brain in her head to realize what she’s doing to those kids. Can you imagine what the other kids are going to be teasing them about. Kids do that. I just cannot believe how selfish and self centered Kate is. I am in agreement with alot of the comments prior to mine, but Kate needs to get off herself and realize the real life, along with the future of her those children. Jon may not be the best husband, but letting Kate control him like she did, but one thing I agree with Jon is to stop all this filming. Am feeling that Kate loves to life the high maintenance life and is no doubt using her kids to it – thats a real shame.
    Also, wonder if she has someone reading thse comments, if not, she should herself read them or hire someone. She seems to have money to hire pro-organizers to help her out.

  10. It is the childrens money. can you even imagine working since you were 2? ( twins) and since you were born ( sextuplets) Get these kids off the television. Jon and Kate get a job. Kate you are a nurse do it. Jon you are an IT Analyst do it. You two are getting really annoying. Quit airing your dirty laundry in public. Think for once of your CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The court needs to step in alright; grant custody to people who will spend time with these children away from the glare of cameras and big network pay checks and trips to New York for interviews! How can either say they are doing everything they do for their children? Does not anyone see these sad little faces bombarded by people with cameras, asking questions about their parents behavior? ENOUGH!!!! You are both out for the dollars, the glits and the glamor; quit with all for our children; plenty of money has been made to give these kids a comfortable life. How stupid do they think the public is. And Meridith………..can not believe you let Kate Gosselin get away with some of those dramatic and self serving statements; you are a better interviewer than that!

  12. This getting really sick. I happen to flick the TV to Nancy Grace’s show & she was absolutely an idiot along with Kate. May goodness that woman needs a brain as well. Talk about idiots exploting their kids. Get the whole show off the air along with Nancy. She really disgraced hersel,f

  13. Both Kate and Jon are hiding money and deserves and IRS Audit. They should pay their fair share.
    I believe the trust accounts are all undelacred income that they are not paying any taxes…

  14. He may have been the one that stayed home, however IT Analysts make more money than nurses. Also, he was the one who has shown infidelity. When you committ adultery, it’s all over. Not a leg to stand on. His little fling will cost him dearly. The judge don’t care if you have a job or not, he can be ordered to go and get a job to pay child support and alimony.

  15. I was not against the taping totally as most people do not have 8 freakin kids. Although there is a woman that has 20, just retarded. I think it’s the same as when kids are in movies and they don’t film all the time, 24 hours of the day so they are not constantly in front of the camera. As expensive as child care is and the thought of putting 8 kids through college, having an opportunity to do a show about it seems appealing. All those pampers, all that food, all the paid activities, and again COLLEGE! Shouldn’t it be around $100,000 per semester by the time they enter in school? Yeah without the show even as a nurse, she would have been in poverty. Jon is just an idiot!

  16. 1. He denied he ever took out the money.
    2. He stated I didn’t know i couldn’t take the money i just took out like my paycheck. Which is it Jon, I didn’t then i did or wow like i’m not sure, like i think i’m looking stupid now…
    And of course yuu hacked in to the accts. your an IT guy, you know the ends and out of the computer and can get into anything, were not stupid

  17. Well think about it,who started running around on who? And who can prove it? I think Jon is in deep s@%t! Besides he wanted them to stop filming- that was their income. He wasn’t concerned about those kids,just that TLC was firing him and Kate would be making all the money. Is Haley going to support Jon now? 🙂

  18. You people are so immature theres so much to make a relationship work and all your sayings is not going to work. When two people get married theres only two, and three is a crowd. Sad the way people critize her, and is so tough having many children and the father is not there to support, to encourage love of his wife and children. It is so hard that you people are not in her shoes to know exactly how a woman feels pain and sadness with all this without the one that promise her marriage forever. Love takes alot struggles,and forgiveness, you people please do not feel hate in what you can not understand. Is hard for her and her kids. He just ran and took comfort in a woman that doesn’t know nothing about life yet.IS not with a child, looks completely immature, and who knows for the money. Maybe shes the one giving him agly advise.

    Hope they come to understand with love and forgiveness. It takes alot of humblesness and lots of love to build a marriage. Nothing is perfect In life and please before critizing her look into your own life.

  19. Niether spouse is punished In a split. Does not matter who cheated- it just a cold division of the property. Good thing too, if there was a moral judgement involved, Kate would be on the losing end if the judge got a hold of the tapes from the show. So ladies be careful about hoping Jon gets slammed for cheating – the judge may think Jon is the more agreved party and give him 100,000 X 10 yrs for living with saint Kate.

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