Kate Gosselin Will Avoid Your Questions on TLC Special

Jon & Kate Plus 8 is finally gasping its last breaths, but TLC is going to milk Kate Gosselin and her family’s drama for every ounce of blood they can before the show goes dark forever.


With a very limited amount of footage left to wrap up Jon & Kate Plus 8 after Jon Gosselin forced TLC to stop filming, the network is turning to Kate Gosselin to wrap up the show for good. TLC will air a ‘special’ episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 next week subtitled “You Ask, Kate Answers.” The episode will feature Kate Gosselin answering questions from viewers – or at least, pondering questions from viewers and then saying whatever the hell she wants.

TLC has already received close to 10,000 questions for Kate Gosselin through their website and other sources. On Monday, Kate Gosselin will attempt to conquer some of these questions from viewers – without, of course, making herself look even more pathetic than she already has in the national media.

Even more fun for Kate, she is also due in court Monday morning to battle out financial issues with estranged husband Jon Gosselin after the whole he said/she said public flame war over money dragging on the past few weeks.

With Jon Gosselin still cock-blocking TLC at every opportunity, it’s still shaky whether or not the network will be able to launch their retooled Kate Plus 8 series in November.

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