Kate Middleton Pregnant Hospital Stay Extended for ‘Several Days’ More

The Prince William and Kate Middleton pregnant news announcement came sooner than planned for the royal couple, according to palace sources. Kate Middleton has been in the hospital since the announcement of her pregnancy due to severe morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum requiring rest and hydration. This acute morning sickness and required hospital stay was the reason why the Kate Middleton pregnant story went public when it did.

The wife of Prince William was admitted to the hospital just after the Kate Middleton pregnant announcement. This sparked speculation the news of the royal pregnancy was released earlier than scheduled as it would have been difficult to otherwise explain away the extended Kate Middleton hospital stay. Sources inside the palace confirmed to several media outlets that this was the case.

“Well they didn’t want to let it out because she’s still probably about the ten week mark but they knew that once Kate was seen going into the hospital… that it was going to be out of their hands and then the media would have control of the announcement,” Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, told Good Morning America.

Kate Middleton is currently in her second day at King Edward VII Hospital in London. She is reportedly dealing with an acute type of morning sickness called hyperemesis gravidarum requiring monitoring, hydration and bed rest. She first began feeling sick while she and Prince William were visiting with her parents in Buckleberry. Ever the gallant Prince, William raced his wife 50 miles to the hospital for care.

Of course, the royal couple could not avoid inquiries from the press about the hospital visit for long, so the decision was made to release the Kate Middleton pregnant story.

“They quickly told the queen, Prince Charles, Prince Harry and then they made the announcement at 4 o’clock yesterday,” Seward told Good Morning America.

According to ABC News, the Kate Middleton hospital stay is expected to last at least “several days” and after she is released, the royal mom-to-be will require a “period of rest” before resuming her regular activities.

There could be more news forthcoming about the royal pregnancy to look forward to, since hyperemesis gravidarum is sometimes a symptom of carrying twins. Because of new rules of succession in England, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first-born child (even if it is only by a few minutes) will probably be the next heir to the throne regardless of the child’s gender.

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