Kate Middleton Pregnant Rumor Plagues Royals Again

Looks like those Kate Middleton pregnant rumors are flaring up again, thanks to an alleged ‘inside source’ who claims she is the future Queen of England’s “oldest friend”. The Kate Middleton pregnant rumor has cropped up so often since she married Prince William that when she actually is knocked up, no one will probably believe it until she actually pops out a baby on live TV or something.

The source of the Kate Middleton pregnant rumor this time is a woman named Jessica Hay, who claims she is a close friend of the royal couple. Jessica Hay told the Australian tabloid New Idea that Kate Middleton is pregnant for real this time and the announcement will probably happen very soon.

“They’re planning to make an announcement in December. William and Kate are focused on starting a family,” Hay told the tabloid. The magazine notes recent photos that allegedly show a slight Kate Middleton weight gain indicating she is finally pregnant. Honestly, I’ve scoured all those recent photos and she still looks like a scarecrow in a dress to me without any hint of a baby bump.

As usual, this Kate Middleton pregnant rumor is probably best ignored like all the rest. While Jessica Hay did go to the same boarding school as Kate Middleton, royal sources have reportedly stated that the two were never friends and her claims “are just fantasies,” according to various media sources.

Jessica Hay was previously the unreliable source of such gossip as Kate Middleton having posters of Prince William on her boarding school wall, which she denied in an on-air interview.

“Hay was also behind a bizarre story, subsequently withdrawn, that Kate had feces smeared on her bedsheets as part of a bullying campaign,” according to The Daily Beast.

Somehow I’m doubting, with her history of selling stories about Kate Middleton to the press, that this Jessica Hay person has any real inside information about the royals. So, once again, the Kate Middleton baby watch continues…

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