Kate Middleton says being too thin is part of her wedding plan

Royal fiancée Kate Middleton is getting thinner and thinner right before our eyes, and earlier this week in Northern Ireland she shocked crowds by appearing extremely underweight and gaunt.  One woman in the crowed at the Belfast gathering expressed concern about Middleton’s appearance and told her not to lose any more weight.  Middleton reassured the woman that it was all part of the wedding plan, a comment that hasn’t gone over too well with the general public.

Middleton is known for being very slim anyway, and her implication that she’s trying to lose even more weight has been the talk of social networks like Twitter for the past couple of days.  The concern is that for better or for worse, many young women look up to the ladies of the royal family as role models, and perhaps it’s not great to send out the message that the only beautiful bride is an underweight bride.

One thought on “Kate Middleton says being too thin is part of her wedding plan”

  1. Kate is fabulous. Many brides lose weight while planning a wedding – no time to eat, adrenaline pumping! She’s a very pretty, healthy girl. And besides, wasn’t it the Queen of England who said, “You can never be too thin, or too rich.” Jackie O lived by that statement….

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