Kate Walsh’s Super-Short Marriage Is Ending

Well, THAT was quick! Kate Walsh, former star of Grey’s Anatomy, and star of the spin-off The Practice is getting a divorce. Actually, her hubby Alex M. Young is the one who filed in LA on Tuesday. His petition cites “irreconcilable differences” but offers no further details. Kate and Alex married September 2007, and the documents say they separated Nov. 22. They say they’ll remain friends. Hmmm.

The two married after just a few months of dating. In October 2007, Kate talked to Ellen DeGeneres about the pair’s whirlwind relationship, saying “There was this kind of funny moment, after we were like we’re married and all of the hoopla was over and we were like, ‘What do we do now?'” Ahh, buyers remorse- the after-wedding letdown. Big sign that the wedding was the prize and not the spouse! And since guys just LOVE weddings… it seems that Ms. Kate must have dragged Alex’s ass down the aisle.

Here’s McSteamy, Eric Dane, expounding on the sadness.