Kathy Griffin Un-Banned From The Tonight Show!

Kathy Griffin is one of Snarkista’s guilty pleasures, because Kathy’s the ULTIMATE Snark! Her D-list celeb status makes her the PERFECT chick to take down those higher on the star ladder. Because she has NO fear, and no one’s off limits for her wicked rants, she’s been banned from nearly every talk show around. A and B-list celebrities are the bread and butter of the talk show circuit, so it was easier for producers to ban Kathy so the more famous wouldn’t get pissed. Until yesterday.

Someone must have bailed on Jay Leno last night OR he wised up to her awesomeness, ‘cuz she got some prime-time on The Tonight Show, with 2 segments! This is segment 2, where Kathy talks about Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, her dream of going to a fancy celebrity rehab, hoarding and… her mom! Kathy’s hilarious.