Katie Couric Dancing Dirty! – VIDEO

This isn’t exactly fresh news, but we just saw this video of Katie Couric dancing and couldn’t resist sharing. The video is actually just a compilation of still photos of Katie Couric dirty dancing and shaking her bum, but it’s almost as good as a stream.

Kate Couric

There is just something so amusing about watching Katie Couric get down, especially watching her shove her ass into some cute girl’s lap. Who knew the suit-wearing Couric could be so naughty? In a public setting no less?

The photos of Katie Couric dancing were reportedly taken at a party celebrating her new anchorship of CBS Evening News. So they aren’t really new, but we hadn’t seen them before. In case you haven’t either, check ’em out below to see an entirely new side of Katie Couric!

What do you think? Should Katie Couric think about signing on for the next Dancing With the Stars? Or flee in shame never to dance in public again?

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10 thoughts on “Katie Couric Dancing Dirty! – VIDEO”

  1. What a slut… little miss goodie goodie… this should get her fired…….. she needs to go bye bye…

  2. Wow, Nancy really hates Katie Couric. She’s just dancing, having a good time. Why does this make her a slut?

  3. Cute, but I don’t think the pic of Katie in the black slacks is her. That’s if these were all taken during the same evening. Different outfits and different sized bodies. Creative though.Keep em coming!

  4. I can only imagine the hundreds of whore, slut, bitch, lezzie, etc. comments if it had been Palin instead of Couric. You hating lefties need to get a grip on reality.

  5. Nancy, get a life, or just go back into your little panic room and pout some more. At least Katie is making an effort to be happy and enjoy being with her kids. You know, one of those silly family things.

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