Katie Holmes ‘Kills’ With So You Think You Can Dance Judy Garland Tribute

Actress Katie Holmes killed on last night’s So You Think You Can Dance with a tribute performance to Judy Garland – but not in a good way. The dance stylings of Mrs. Tom Cruise on So You Think You Can Dance were so torturous, it’s amazing live audience members didn’t keel over from sheer horror.

The appearance of Katie Holmes on Thursday night’s So You Think You Can Dance was much touted by the show as part of its 100th episode celebration. Holmes is one birthday clown, however, that I doubt anyone will be eager to book again. Holmes agreed to do the gig partially in support of the Dizzy Feet Foundation – a charity she co-created to support and increase access to dance education in the U.S. Well, Holmes certainly did have ‘dizzy feet’ last night, but frankly I doubt the charity wanted her to represent them quite so literally – or lamely.

Seriously, if you have not yet seen this bit of footage, be prepared to throw up in your mouth a little bit. That anyone could so horribly slaughter a tribute to the most fabulous Judy Garland is nearly reprehensible. I’m sure Judy was probably up in heaven simultaneously attempting to cover both eyes and ears. I know I was.

At least the bit was pre-recorded. I shudder to think what kind of insanity might have happened had Holmes been forced to attempt this debacle live.

Oh, and Katie – next time. Please, please wear some pants. Talk about needing some eyeball bleach…

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