Katy Loves Pizza, Not Babies

It’s not every day you hear a star copping to just really loving a good pizza or burger. But that’s what Katy Perry did when she blamed fast food delights for giving her what some theorized was a “baby bump.” Then in typical Katy fashion she added “I still love drinking alcohol, so [no kids] yet.”

However, that’s not to say that kids aren’t in the future for Katy and husband Russell Brand. On the Ellen show she stated that having children is “one of the reasons you get married … You think, that person is going to be a good partner, a good parent,” she explained.

Katy fans, don’t get your hopes up that she’ll have a mini-me walking around any time soon. She said she still wasn’t sure if it was the “right time.” She’s still plenty young so we say – take all the time you need, Katy!