Katy Perry and Russell Brand Divorce Rumors After Christmas Seperation

Is the Katy Perry and Russell Brand marriage in trouble? Rumor has it that Russell Brand and Katy Perry had a “massive fight” over the Christmas holidays that ended up with the two needing some alone time. With the two spending Christmas apart, rumors of a Katy Perry and Russel Brand divorce on the way have flared up again.

Allegedly, Katy Perry and Russell Brand were supposedly planning a family holiday together in London, according to Us Weekly. After the rumored fight, however, Perry reportedly flew to Hawaii to spend time with friends while Brand went pubbing in Cornwall. What exactly happened between the two is a matter of conjecture, but it does seem clear from media reports that the couple spent Christmas day thousands of miles aways from each other.

An unidentified source allegedly told Us Weekly that Perry is pissed that Brand does not respect her parents’ Christian beliefs.

Perry and Brand were married in October, 2010 after a rather short time dating. Last month, the couple was plagued with gossip that a divorce was looming. In an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this month, Brand made light of rumors that he and wife Katy Perry might be headed toward divorce.

“Yeah, there are always rumors, aren’t there,” he told Ellen DeGeneres. “In the end, you have to just not engage with Internet technology, which is difficult because a lot of the nude women websites I quite enjoy.” Joking, Brand said the nudie websites “had to go” and he now treats “the whole Internet now like it’s a wicked little liar.” Despite all the rumors, Brand told DeGeneres he was “really happily married.”

For Brand, being married means “perpetually, until death do us part” and well, right now he’s “still alive” so that means he’s still married to Perry. As for his wife, she also likes to joke about the split rumors. “First I’m pregnant & then I’m divorced,” she Tweeted. “What am I All My Children?! #ericakane #pshhh #ifihadadollarforeverytime…”

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  1. Seriously, if my husband and I were famous, do you know how many times we would be supposedly “calling it quits” according to the tabloids if they said that everytime we had an argument??? It would be like every day. But, we’re together and we’ve been together for 10 years. We know what marriage means and it means staying together, not breaking up at every disagreement. Ugh… media. Ugh… being famous. Katy and Russell… stick together, through thick and thin, that’s what it’s all about.

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