Katy Perry and Russell Brand Divorce Rumors Rise With Missing Wedding Rings

As rumors of a Katy Perry and Russel Brand divorce heat up, new evidence has popped up that the celebrity couple’s marriage may be in trouble. Both Russell Brand and Katy Perry have now been spotted by the paparazzi without their wedding rings.

Gossip about a Katy Perry and Russell brand split have been swirling around for months, with rumors of a possible divorce in the works escalating in December. Despite telling Ellen DeGeneres earlier this month that there was nothing to the rumors, Russell Brand spent his Christmas holidays in London while wife Katy Perry was thousands of miles away in Hawaii.

Fans of the couple were left wondering exactly why a happy couple would spend one of the most important holidays of the year apart from each other. Especially since it was rumored the two would be vacationing together in the UK for a family trip. According to the gossip, the two had a major fight and that’s why they both ended up spending Christmas alone.

Now Russell Brand has been seen walking around London without his wedding ring, just a week after Katy Perry was also spotted out without hers. Now, when Perry was photographed without her ring, she was playing at the beach — a reasonable time to leave your jewelry behind in your room. Brand, however, was just strolling down the street without his bling on. That is much more suspicious behavior.

Reps for Katy Perry and Russell Brand have so far refrained from commenting about the break-up rumors. The couple, who were married last October, have been firm in their denials of a spit or possible divorce despite all the gossip.