15 thoughts on “Katy Perry Busts Out For Esquire”

  1. samantha thinks katy perry is sooooooo hoT. She loves katy perry and would kill to look like her. same thing for her best friend bRIANNA who thinks that bout KATY PERRY GOTTA LUV YOU GIRL <3

  2. i loooooooove katy perry se is sooo sexy and i would love to meet her im a big fan u are stuning girl

  3. I like your sonnnnnnggggggg sooooooo much that youre my sister OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGG.I think that youre my bbeesstt ffrriieenndd..

  4. Another manufactured ticket-seller who would be working at the GAP if not for her rack. Pop music for morons – no matter how many girls she kisses.

  5. Man words cant even describe how beautiful u r. It truly amazes me on how gorgeous u look

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