Katy Perry Slams Kara DioGuardi at American Idol Audition

American Idol guest judge Katy Perry showed her snarky side during last night’s audition round in Los Angeles when she and judge Kara DioGuardi exchanged a few less than polite words. Perry did warn everyone before auditions kicked off that she’s “always been brutally honest,” but it was DioGuardi on the receiving end of her harshest jabs, not the hopeful contestants.

Kara DioGuardi and Katy Perry on 'American Idol' (Fox)
Kara DioGuardi and Katy Perry on 'American Idol' (Fox)

The catfight erupted after Kara DioGuardi gushed wildly over the audition of American Idol wannabe Chris Golightly, who spilled a sad story of his tough childhood to host Ryan Seacrest before he went before the judges. “Chris, you are one of my favorites today, if not my favorite,” DioGuardi said. “You’re the kind of kid who has just enough talent and just enough of a story and pain and stuff that you’ve gone through in your life to really connect with it, and I think you’re only going to get better.”

Barely managing not to roll her eyes, singer Katy Perry smacked back at DioGuardi’s comments, saying: “This is not a Lifetime movie, sweetheart… You have to have talent.” Ouch!

The tension between Katy Perry and Kara DioGuardi only got worse from there. At one point DioGuardi started singing Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” blockbuster hit. Perry responded by interrupting her, saying: “Please stop before I throw my Coke in your face!”

Poor DioGuardi was obviously nursing some hurt feelings over the back and forth with Perry. “We used to be friends,” she whined to the cameras. “We were, like, cool.”

Well, Perry may have been a bit harsh, but we kind of see her point of view. Lavishing praise on a hardly better-than-average singer because he has a sad story and then belting out Perry’s song to her face like she can do it better kind of deserves a bit of smack down in our humble opinion.

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17 thoughts on “Katy Perry Slams Kara DioGuardi at American Idol Audition”

  1. Katie was a complete ass last night I was embarrassed at her lack of maturity and her emotionless demeanor …..she has no class.

  2. Katy Perry is cruel and should never have been on the show or maybe she can replace Simon, but I wouldn’t submit Kara Dioguardi to that for anything. Katy thinks she is just superior to everyone else and won’t give someone a chance. She was the guest judge yet.

  3. Kara sucks loved the slams from Katie cant think of a better person to throw her coke at but what I really hate is that neck move of Kara’s bugs the crap out of me you know the Egyptian kind of side to side neck movements very retro to say the least Kara….

  4. well they have to something to make the boring show something to talk about. It is all made up and just part of the show. Please don’t be so gullible people.

  5. The following from above article is nonsense:
    “Lavishing praise on a hardly better-than-average singer because he has a sad story and then belting out Perry’s song to her face like she can do it better kind of deserves a bit of smack down in our humble opinion.”

    Kara and Katy are there to judge the CONTESTANTS not each other. Katy acted a little girl in Junior High sniping at the competition for boys. Kara had every right to be offended. Katy needs to prick her ego balloon and grow up.

  6. The judges may have showed up in a helicopter but, Kate Perry arrived and left on a BROOM !!!
    What a Witch last night. Kara should have kicked her ass or better yet, I would love to kick her ass…The BITCH !!!!

  7. @Anne: I totally disagree. Kara was baiting Katy with her little rendition of Katy’s song. She wasn’t doing it for any other reason than to be annoying and get under Katy’s skin. Mission accomplished and plus some.

  8. After the comments, I became a huge Katy fan. If you look at this honestly, she was right in nearly every case.

    As far as the comments about a “life story and talent”, I couldn’t agree more. Last season with had Gokey, and his story, and it was really interesting. But he had “mad” talent. The story shouldn’t have anything to do with whether a contestant moves on, the talent should make the difference.

    With all of this said, I think where Katy went wrong is expecting too much. We aren’t in the final 10, we are just moving some folks along that have reasonable talent to make it to the next round. I believe Katy was looking for a final 5 candidate. So, the only thing I find her guilty of is setting the bar higher than Kara. In fact, probably higher than Simon at this point.

    To date, I liked Katy and Shania the best, by far.

  9. This is such an absolutely stupid story! Everyone who says poor Kara… and Katie’s a B*t# is stupid for believing this crap. The two are friends-they have worked together before on projects. I play around the same way with my friends (actually more catty) at times. It’s what you call lettin’ loose. This is the basic – we edited the tapes to look like a fight was a brewin and the media and people with no common sense run with the lame a** story – story. Puhleeze people. Think for yourselves.

  10. First she “Kisses a Girl” and now she’s marrying Russell Brand. Can you really take anything this girl thinks or says seriously.
    Katy, can you say here today gone tomrrow cause that’s you little girl.

  11. Well considering the barbed words come from a singer who is borrowing the 50s pin-up look (and am I the only one tired of her?) this guy should not take it to heart. She did a couple of good songs, but now it is blah, blah, blah set to music.

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