Keira Knightley moves on?

Actress Keira Knightley doesn’t seem to be too broken-hearted about her recent split with long-term boyfriend Rupert Friend.  In fact, she was seen out last Saturday in London with a new guy, walking arm-in-arm coming out of a cocktail club.  It is unknown who the man in question is, as he doesn’t seem to be a celebrity of any sort.

That’s probably a good thing.  It makes you wonder just how long before the announcement Keira and Rupert broke up – sometimes famous couples wait until months after the fact before they announce it publicly.  Maybe they were kind of forced to announce it now that Keira is seeing someone else?  I’m sure more details about this guy will come out before the end of the week.

2 thoughts on “Keira Knightley moves on?”

  1. That’s Nick Saunders a close friend and gay man. But wait til the weekend. You’ll be suprised!

  2. Sadly it is not so interesting- this is her long time friend Nick. They’ve been friends forever, he is gay, and the old assistant of Orlando Bloom.

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