Kelly Clarkson Self Magazine Cover Photo Scandal

Like Twilight star Ashley Greene and Disney darling Vanessa Hudgens, Kelly Clarkson is dealing with her own photo scandal this week. But instead of facing the humiliation of nude pics splashed all over the Internet, Kelly Clarkson is at the center of a raging debate over whether it was acceptable for Self Magazine to photoshop the hit singer for their September cover.


Kelly Clarkson is not a size zero celebrity, something she is quick to admit in the September issue of Self Magazine. “When people talk about my weight, I’m like, ‘You seem to have a problem with it; I don’t. I’m fine!” The magazine, however, does seem to have a problem with Clarkson’s curvy figure. On the Kelly Clarkson Self cover for the issue, the American Idol winner has very obviously been slimmed down digitally to appear much skinnier than she looks currently in real life.

Lucy Danziger, the editor-in-chief of Self, says the magazine did nothing wrong in altering the pic of Clarkson. “Yes. Of course we do retouching,” Danziger wrote on “Did we alter her appearance? Only to make her look her personal best.”

Apparently Clarkson’s personal best is a great deal lighter in the poundage. The magazine claims they photoshopped Kelly Clarkson on the Self cover because the magazine is “meant to inspire women to want to be their best.” In other words, if you aren’t wasp-thin and likely have an eating disorder, you aren’t being your best. Even more ironic, the issue was dedicated to “Total Body Confidence” – something you apparently can’t have if you weigh more than a sheet of paper.

Even nastier, Self entertainment assistant Ashley Mateo blogged on that “no one wants to see a giant picture of some star’s cellulite on the cover of a monthly mag.”  Ouch.

No comment from Clarkson so far.

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