Kelly Osbourne Gets A Bit Snippy About Posh And Peaches

Kelly Osbourne
has been keeping company with Jennifer Lopez (WTF?), and was seen recently with her at Fashion Week in New York. Apparently Kelly’s a bit jealous of J. Lo’s friendship with Victoria Beckham. Now THAT set of pals makes more sense. No matter, Kelly says that Posh was holding hands with Jennifer, but tells UK’s Heat magazine that:

“I know it’s not my place to say… but I’ve never seen two people pretend to like each other more in my life. They were holding hands, but it looked like Victoria was holding a s***ty bit of toilet paper!”

Victoria ALWAYS looks like she’s holding a s***ty piece of toilet paper! It’s her signature look, for cheezus sake! Snarkista thinks Kelly may have a bit of the green-eyed monster. Kelly also dissed British celebuwreck Peaches Geldof, saying that her recent quickie marriage to musician Max Drummey was just for attention. It sure got some attention from Peaches’ dad Sir Bob Geldof! Grumpy Bob, best known for his Live Aid efforts years ago, was NOT pleased by the sneaky nuptials.

Young Peaches gets plenty of attention from the UK press, as she is often out EXTREMELY hammered, and even O.D.d not long ago. Marrying a tatted-up musician she’d been dating for a very short time was just Peaches’ way of fixing a slow news week. Chill out, Kelly. Jennifer will drop you as soon as you refuse to be her nanny.