Kelly Osbourne looked like she picked a fight with someone and lost! She left her London home yesterday sporting a heavily bruised face. Kelly’s now a 23-year-old singer-turned-radio DJ. What’s with everyone in celebrity-ville becoming DJ’s now? Snarkista thinks spinning records is a lot easier than bagging a record deal. Poor Kelly had a bad looking black eye and a bandaged-up head as she left her flat to visit her doctor. Did she play the wrong song? Is this another Amy Winehouse attack?

Kelly may have looked like she’d been in a fight, but her spokesman said the contents of a cupboard fell on top of her. Woops! The Campbell soup one-two punch! Sounds like someone needs to call the maid to straighten out the cabinets. Kelly should tell the spokesbitch to shut up… that she and Amy had a smackdown and that Amy looks WORSE. With the way Amy looks these days, that should be an easy story to sell.

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