Kevin Smith Tired of Fat Battle with Southwest Airlines

Director Kevin Smith is tired of sparring with Southwest Airlines because he was kicked off one of their flights for being ‘too fat’. Smith says Southwest is still “blaming the Fatty” for the incident, but concedes the battle is pretty much “fruitless” at this point.

Kevin Smith (Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Kevin Smith (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“Lots of folks still telling me to stop crying and lose weight – as if that’s what this was all about,” Smith wrote on his blog in a post titled ‘Running out of gas on this subject’. “Once again: I know I’m fat. The point of all this? I’m not too fat for Southwest Air, yet someone deemed me so.”

“Easier to tell the lie about the whiney Fatso than the truth that someone at Southwest f***ed up,” Smith said. “‘Sure, someone f****d up, Lardo’ You’re saying. ‘You and your fat gut! This is YOUR fault because you’re fat!'”

In his blog post, Smith details long conversations with a Southwest Airlines employee trying to get the airline to admit he was not “too fat to fly” and was wrongly booted from the plane. Although Southwest has apologized for the incident, they still have not admitted Smith was not too large to fit in his seat according to the company’s ‘person of size’ policy.

“You guys screwed up, SWA; why’s it so hard to own up to it? Now I’m gonna carry this Too Fat To Fly s*** around like herpes for the rest of my life, and it was never even true,” Smith wrote.

Even though Smith still insists Southwest was wrong and wants them to admit it, the Hollywood director is obviously tired of his personal war with the airline. “Let’s Tweet about other stuff, shall we?” Smith said in closing. “This is starting to taste mediciney and fruitless.”

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2 thoughts on “Kevin Smith Tired of Fat Battle with Southwest Airlines”

  1. He was too big for his allocated space as defined by the arm rests.
    He has a choice, get an additional ticket for which he must pay or upgrade himself if there is “space” available.

    Why is this news?

    Stop enabling these space criminals.

    When you buy a ticket on an airline, you don’t get an unlimited size pass, you get the space between the arm rests, nothing more. Stop making this more than it should be….

  2. Even if he could fit in the seat, he might have been causing discomfort for the person sitting next to him. The policy is to ensure that all passengers on the plane can experience a somewhat comfortable flight. Just because he was able to fit into the seat doesn’t mean that he wasn’t spilling over the arm rests and into somebody else’s space. There is not really a tactful way for Southwest to address such an issue, though. Would this be such big news if Kevin Smith didn’t have a movie coming out soon?

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