Khloe Kardashian Punks PETA

Obviously, the peeps at PETA didn’t do their homework on the insufferable Kardashian family before choosing King Kong Khloe Kardashian as their new “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” poster girl. Why? Well, Khloe put it best at the unveiling of her gi-normous billboard, when she said “my whole family wears fur except for me”. Doh!

Big Kim seems to be the worst offender, according to Khloe. She says she’s been working on the entire brood to convince them to stop wearing fur, but says Kim will be the toughest to break. “Kim wore fur last night,” Khloe said. “I told her you cannot wear fur. It’s embarrassing.” Newsflash, Khloe: Big Kim wearing fur is about the LEAST embarrassing thing she’s ever done. At least she’s wearing SOMETHING.

Note to whomever styled Khloe for her naked protest- unless you were going for an electrocuted-fur-coat look for Khloe’s hair, you get a big FAIL. If you WERE going for that look, you get a DOUBLE FAIL. Back away from the crimping iron, pronto. You’re making Ken Paves look like a genius.

28 thoughts on “Khloe Kardashian Punks PETA”

  1. I think Chloe looks amazing in these pics!! Her hair is ridiculous, but we all know SHE didn’t style it that way. The stylists get a big fat F in that department!! lol! But after watching the episode of the Kardashian’s show with this PETA shoot in it, I would love to tell Chloe she was upset about her body for nothing!!! I would KILL to have that body! And Bruce was out of line saying she needs to shed a few pounds. WHAAAAAT!?! She needs to do more photo shoots because she’s gorgeous! MUCH prettier than Kim!!! You GO GIRL!!!

  2. Dont know why she is so insecure about her body. She is not only gorgeous, she is built beautifully. Like to choke the guy who convinced these girls that men preferred twigs…She is hot from head to toe

  3. Wow you guys are really nice. But let’s be realistic Khloe is turned off by the idea for a reason. I think she isn’t a idiot when it comes to people saying things that have never been true about her. She took some nice pics but let’s not get carried away. She is no model by any means. Let’s remember why this show even exists, because of KIM!

  4. My hat goes off to Chloe, what a great cause! As far as the negative comments, leave her alone, she is an amazing young women with a beautiful body! It’s sad when society has to resort to negative comments about someone who is most likely more stunning than they probably are! You rock Chloe and keep up the good work!

  5. I thiink Khloe is every black man’s dream. She is absolutely gorgeous. Her body is amazing. Anybody that hates, really has issues in there lives, and doesn’t appreciate true beauty in a real woman. I myself have never been attracted to stick thin women. Khloe your gorgeous, big ups to you for representing for real women across the U.S. and the world.

  6. wth..
    shes so pretty, seriosly.
    and i actually love her hair.
    HI HATERS ! 🙂

  7. i think that Chloe is absolutely STUNNING. i think the pictures are great and she has an amazing body. this blog is completely false. she has a flat stomach which is what every girl wants and i can guarantee you women around the world envy her for the looks AND body. even if she put on 100 pounds you have no right to write these things about her for opening up herself just to support an amazing cause.

  8. Chole is actually a Beautiful, Strong, Independent women and is by far my favorite of ALL the Kardashians. (Sorry Kim) She shows that even celebs battle with their weight and it makes us give a deeper appreation for everone in the spotlight. I love her PETA ad her hair is natural and her make up just brings out her beauty. She’s inspired me to be FUR FREE and ultimatly Go Veggie. I love Chloe and I know by putting her down you are not looking deep into her true self to see the beauty inside. The problem here isn’t with Chloe it’s with America we are program to think if it’s beautiful it’s better when in reality it all the time (Kim) *cough cough* BEAUTY ISN’T SKIN DEEP PEOPLE!!! and by diplaying this critisim still in 2009 what hope of peace will we have in the future?

  9. This is some really outrageous stuff some of these people are saying. Especially when the majority of these people are environmentally friendly and animal friendly. It shows how people can really be cruel. It shows when given the opportunity they all can be real clowns.

    Kloe is a beautiful full figured young lady. It is a shame that the majority of society figures slim is the best body type. It is a shame that there are so many young people starving themselves just to look cute, when in actuality they look a little on the sick side.

  10. khloe is beautiful,but her sis kim has a huuuuge butt and she is stupid,and selfish and snoby

  11. OMG Chloe – Dont listen to haters girlfriend, they hate for a reason only known unto them. You are beautiful – even more so than Kim believe it or not. Its easy for people to attack when you feel insecure but i hope you can see the evidence for yourself in this photo and BTW Shoot Bruce his “lose a few pounds” comment should have been retorted with take a look in the mirror lately!

  12. all i gata to say is you guys are hela beutiful just like you mom and i see all you t.v shows and there good love u guys Ray Ray C.

  13. It takes a lot of courage to do a shoot like this, and the last thing Khloe needs is negativity from jerks like you. And the fact that her whole family wears fur doesn’t make her a bad candidate to be their “poster girl.” On the contrary, it only shows how much more dedicated she is to the cause. With a family as close as the Kardashians, it takes a lot to be the only one who believes in something. Khloe has dealt with a lot of insecurities in the past so I applaud her for doing this.

  14. Umm….the ad isn’t fantastic, but Kloe looks very pretty and natural….BTW, I’m pretty sure the stylist did her hair that way to look like a lion’s mane. You’re a moron.

  15. Andy, dude, get a life. She’s got way more than many models we’ve seen.
    Hair doesn’t say everything about a woman. The eyes and confidence in a person says more than anything clothing, hair spray, eye makeup…etc. will ever say. Here is everything right about Khloe.

  16. ok this dude must be out of his fuken mind to talk like that about khole hes just bitter cuz hewill never be ableto get awoman like her hater !

  17. I THINK KHLOE IS THE PRETTIEST OF THEM ALL! show all the young girls outthere that u dont have to be a twig to get a guy! u hott sexy mama

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