Kid Rock Needs To Slow Down!

Kid Rock was rushed to the hospital just before he was set to perform at the Download Festival in England. The 37-year-old party harder was supposed to head on stage Friday around 3:30pm, but he suffered from stomach cramps and dehydration right before he was due. Somebody’s been hittin’ it a bit too hard!

Everyone’s blaming the fact that the star attended a late-night event at Whisky Mist nightclub in Central London that went on until the early hours of Friday. Where he got snogged. What they DIDN’T know (or disclose) was that Kid played the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee on Friday (US) where he got his party on quite effectively! An announcement was made before he was due on stage in England saying, “We’ve had the curse of Download. Kid Rock is not very well, we’ve had to rush him to hospital in Notthingham. He apologizes to fans.” Kid, you can only cram so much into a weekend, man! Slow it down a tad, you’re not a Kid anymore!