Kim Kardashian Ass Photo Makes Us Sad For Baby North West

Now that Kim Kardashian has lost most of her baby weight, she’s back to posting half-naked photos of herself all over the Internet. In the latest selfie, the infamous Kim Kardashian ass is front and center along with a copious amount of side-boob.

Kim Kardashian - Source: Instagram
Kim Kardashian – Source: Instagram

Kim’s baby daddy Kanye West responded by announcing on Twitter that he was “HEADING HOME NOW” just to let us know publicly he was about to go hit that.

Mommy and daddy sexting online for all the world to see while Mommy lets all her parts hang out with teenage style selfies. It just makes us kind of sad for baby North West. No one wants to see their mom’s butt and boobs on display for every perv out there to make themselves happy to. Just imagine you are a teenager and you find out your friends, or even your boyfriend, Googles your mom and sees this photo.

Of course, poor baby North West will probably be so insulated from actual reality that she won’t even realize that normal people’s mothers do not freely hand out masturbation materials to their fans.

Not that it’s the most revealing photo Kim Kardashian has ever posted. And of course, she also has that sex tape out there. That was all before she became a mother though. There is something just far more crass about a new Mom who’s baby is barely home from the hospital acting like some nymphomaniac stripper in the public eye.

We didn’t think we would ever say this but maybe it is time Kim Kardashian tooks some lessons from Snooki. After giving birth to her baby boy, Snookie aka Nicole Polizzi figured out it was time to grow up and start acting like an adult with a child. We think Kim could use a makeover too — starting with someone throwing out every bit of butt-flossing clothing she owns.

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