Lady Gaga Twitter record broken with 20 million followers

Can anyone break the new Lady Gaga Twitter record of 20 million followers? From what the statistics say, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon. Pop megastar Lady Gaga became the most popular person ever on Twitter this week when she surpassed 20 million followers. The @ladygaga Twitter feed is the first to ever achieve that many followers, beating out the second runner-up Justin Bieber Twitter feed by a cool 2 million, according to

The Lady Gaga Twitter feed became the most popular celebrity page on the social networking site way back in August, 2010 when it soared past the Britney Spears Twitter feed. At present, the Britney Spears Twitter feed only has about 13.5 million followers, way behind the current celebrity leaders.

Unlike Britney Spears, Lady Gaga personally maintains her own Twitter feed and is a frequent Tweeter, interacting with her “Little Monsters” fans on a regular basis. She banters, shares special info and even posts exclusive photos, making her very popular with her fans.

Justin Bieber also personally interacts with fans through his Twitter feed, even more frequently than Lady Gaga, which just goes to show that a personal touch is always better with fans than any paid publicity management team.

On the top five most popular Twitter feeds, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber lead the pack over the Katy Perry Twitter feed (15.7 million followers), Shakira Twitter feed (14.5 million followers) and Rihanna Twitter feed (14.4 million followers), according to All of the top five most followed Twitter feeds are for musicians, interestingly enough.


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