Lady Gaga Unedited American Idol Video

On American Idol last night, most fans were probably unaware that Lady Gaga‘s appearance on the show was edited down. Lady Gaga, however, wants the world to see the full, unedited version of her performance of “Alejandro” and “Bad Romance” on American Idol – and we’re happy to oblige.

Lady Gaga on 'American Idol' (FOX)
Lady Gaga on 'American Idol' (FOX)

Lady Gaga’s appearance was taped last week, which apparently gave the American Idol powers-that-be plenty of time to decide what they did, and did not, want shown on air. American Idol producers allegedly made the cuts to Lady gaga’s performance due to time constraints. Honestly, we can’t find anything racy enough in the extended version to warrant censorship, so we hope that’s true.

Regardless, Lady Gaga may not have been pleased by the editing of her performance on Idol. Although she hasn’t directly said anything negative about the snips, she did make sure fans knew about them.

Idol cut down my performance,” Lady Gaga posted to her Twitter fans. Gaga also posted a link to the unedited video version of her performance. That link stopped working, but we found a copy of the Lady Gaga unedited “Alejandro” video and share it with you here. Enjoy little monsters!

What do you think? Did American Idol edit Lady Gaga’s performance just because they were short on time? Or do you think producers thought the parts they snipped were a bit too racy for their prime time show?

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6 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Unedited American Idol Video”

  1. I think she did incredible, and there was nothing too provacative about this preformance. There isn’t anyone out there like her and she sets such a good example for not being afraid to be different and open-minded. If you’re that offened by her there is obviously something missing in your life. And as far as her outfits go, she’s crazy haha, and she can pull it off 🙂 She has a GREAT body and she has every right to show it off. Luv You Gaga 4eva!!!

  2. I like the beat from the back ground of LadyGaGa’s songs – But the Lyrics are in bad taste! thats why so many TEENS get pregnant the lyrics influence nothing but SEX! lady GaGa’s just one of them out there! And the video on American Idol was in very poor taste MARY the Mother of JESUS would of ABSOLUTELY had NO part of That! JESUS is coming SOON and he’s going to wash out all the sinful Junk thats on this EARTH! P.S And I’m Not A Pastor I’m just A single Women that was asked for my opinon and there it is ! i hope that this gets posted so it can be read ! the truth is what some people don’t like to here!! God Bless You All :)))!!! He loves us All !

  3. wow they suck for editing the show if they don’t want a preformer who is going to push the limits and give them a great show then don’t have lady gaga on the show! she is great can’t waite for her new album to hit and you know what dorothy people said the same crap about madonna and she still isn’t going away! i hope lady gaga is my generations madonna!

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