Lady Gaga Wants to Make Bullying Illegal

After the suicide death of bullied teen Jamey Rodemeyer, Lady Gaga said she was aiming to make bullying illegal. Following the teen’s death, Gaga tweeted, “The past days I’ve spent reflecting, crying, and yelling. I have so much anger…It is hard to feel love when cruelty takes someones life….Bullying must become illegal. It is a hate crime. I am meeting with our President. I will not stop fighting. This must end.”

Her creation of a new foundation proves she’s pretty serious about this promise. Lady Gaga put actions behind her words this week with the development of and organization which is aimed at empowering youth.

The Born This Way Foundation is her “passion project” and she will be directing it alongside her mom, Cynthia Germanotta. The goal is to provide a “standard of bravery and kindness as well as a community worldwide that protects and nurtures others in the face of bullying and abandonment,” Lady Gaga said.

The charity is going to support other initiatives that empower youth by taking on tough issues like self-image, well-being, anti-bullying as well as mentoring and personal development. They will be using digital mobilization to help create a virtual community that will support and nurture people around the globe.