Lady Gaga’s Madonna rip-offs becoming more blatant

There have always been comparisons between Lady Gaga and Madonna, some more favorable than others, but now it’s getting pretty obvious that Gaga is not just honoring Madonna, but pretty much copying her.  Gaga’s new single, “Born This Way,” was released last Friday, and immediately people were talking about how it’s so reminiscent of classic Madonna tracks that the resemblance can’t be denied.

Express Yourself” and “Vogue” are the two songs that most often come up when people are asked what they think the new Gaga single sounds like, but some have said that it’s reminiscent of “Like a Prayer” or even TLC’s “Waterfalls.”  Good thing imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

7 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Madonna rip-offs becoming more blatant”

  1. Waterfalls? Seriously?

    Why not “Sweet Caroline,” or perhaps “You Were Meant For Me.”

    C’mon people, stop hating.

  2. this proves my point that it’s all a bunch of rubbish to make gaga look bad. and not just gaga it happens to everyone thats at the top.

    ““Express Yourself” and “Vogue” are the two songs that most often come up when people are asked what they think the new Gaga single sounds like, but some have said that it’s reminiscent of “Like a Prayer” or even TLC’s “Waterfalls.”

    LMAO i love how it compared Born This Way which basically has 4 verses to ALL of these songs! lmao not to mention that all the songs it compared it to are COMPLETELY different. how can born this way be the same as Vogue AND Express Yourself??

    this makes it even more funny to. those two songs are completely different, unless you wanna say all of madonnas songs sound the same. in which case, shes not that great of an artist.

    and ps i love madonna

  3. Lady Gaga is that you commenting on a blog? Pissed off and if not her then Lady Gaga’s fans have ears of wood if they cannot hear the Born This Way is a ‘cover’ tune of Express Yourself. You are not fit to critique any music. Ever. You are not only blind if you do not see how she appropriates others images but you are deaf if you can’t see she has nothing to offer but commentary. Weird Al Yankovic paid people license fees to make songs from other writers/artists songs. Lady Gaga tries to cleverly disguise her shortcomings as a writer. She came at a time people were looking for something different and ‘real’ and she is far from it. She is a manipulative spoiled brat who seemingly gets away w/ripping off people and making millions. Please, someone w/loads of money sue this little twit.

  4. First time I heard this song i actually asked if it someone redid express yourself. Didnt realize it was gaga and her new song. Total ripoff. Your ignorant and too in love with gaga if you think otherwise. She should get sued and probably will.

  5. OK lady gaga is good yeah we all like her music, but seriously shes over doing it shes a wanna be Madonna if you want to be a real singer make your own tunes yeah the vocals are different in her new song born this way… BUT the tune is so not her own doing and its not even that good she should of done something better and completely her own! 🙂 i still like lady gaga but shes getting annoying now loll and in time she will lose fans if she keeps being so fake 🙂 just saying.

  6. Do any of you know the first thing about music?
    Are the lyrics, chord progression, tune, beat or tempo the same? No. This song is being compared to SEVERAL madonna songs, and that should immediately make you see flaw with your ‘logic’. Perhaps it is simply the GENRE of music that is similar? You know EURO POP? The style that Madonna frequently used? As did Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper and others?
    Unless of course you’d rather argue that all of madonna’s songs sound the same? In which case, Madonna certainly isn’t as great as you seem to think she is. I’m certainly not saying that, but frankly neither artist, Gaga or Madonna is my fort’e, But I can certainly tell when a song is a rip off, or a copy, and these songs are two different feel good pop anthems. There’s THOUSANDS of songs like these, because they all share the same musical genre. There are far more blatant rip offs in the musical world today. Like EVERYTHING Chris brown fucking records, namely ‘yeah 3x’ stealing the instrumental from Calvin Harris. You’re all trying to pass it off as being opinionated, But all you’re doing is looking for a reason to tear someone down, and that’s pathetic.
    Oh, and using the same jokes as each other as forms of insults? Yeah, that’s original 😉

  7. i’m not a huge gaga fan and i’m not a huge madonna fan but gaga is not an original; madonna was an original. it is becoming more and more obvious she is ripping off madonna. perhaps she doesn’t mean to but she is! if gaga didn’t dress so bizarre, no one would listen to her.

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