Larry’s Dirty, Pretty Things

Dumb blond Larry Birkhead, ex-boyfriend of the late Anna Nicole Smith and father of their daughter Dannielynn, is ensuring she has a classy AND sentimental remembrance of her mom- lingerie. Larry thought it was a great idea to spend nearly $3,000 at an auction Saturday buying the sexy stuff that Anna Nicole once wore in a Playboy shoot. He says he just wants to make sure little Dannielynn has something to remember her mother by. Whatever happened to passing down linens and the good china? Larry tells the AP:

‘I have a lot of history I have put together that she doesn’t really know about,’ Playboy was such a big part of Anna’s career.

Uh, there’s a whole lot of history that Dannilynn probably SHOULDN’T know about! Larry bought a pink bustier for $1,800 and a white negligee for $1,000 at the auction at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Braniac said he hoped the items would help his daughter learn her mother’s life story—when she’s old enough. Right, Larry. Either you’re a REALLY dumb dad, OR you’re playing a little dress-up when Dannielynn’s in bed for the night. Actually, I’m kinda bettin’ on both.

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  1. LARRY BIRKHEAD is homosexual sperm donor who broke sperm donor contract with Anna Nicole because he wanted big money, including potential Marshall millions. Anna Nicole refused and fled to Bahamas. Birkhead was not Anna’s boyfriend, because he lived with his gay lover in Burbank. Anna called him “BIRKFAG.”

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