Law & Order to Spoof Kate and Jon Gosselin Drama

Fans of Law & Order know how much the show’s writers love to pull storylines for the series straight from the latest headlines. Well, it looks like Kate and Jon Gosselin are the next targets of the Law & Order ‘treatment’ twist.


A new Law & Order episode will be skimming from the fodder of recent tabloid headlines about the Gosselins and Octomom Nadya Suleman to thrill and titillate viewers. The infamous Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars Jon and Kate Gosselin will be spoofed in the episode “Reality Bites,” airing Oct 16. The episode will feature Jim Gaffigan as Larry Johnson, a single dad forced to raise 10 kids by himself after his wife is brutally murdered.

The problem is, the “dad” apparently wanted to sign up his kids to star on a TV reality show, but the “mom” didn’t want to do it. After the wife is murdered, dad signs up the kiddies for Larry Plus 10 – a show all about his terrible struggles as a newly single father with 10 kids.

The episode will also feature a Nadya Suleman lookalike with 10 kids who wanted the reality show contract, but lost it to Johnson.

We can’t wait. A television drama exploiting the reality TV exploitation of children by their parents. Too priceless.

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