Leah Remini Wants Kirsie Alley Banned From Dancing With the Stars?

Leah Remini reportedly told Dancing With the Stars 2013 producers she doesn’t want former cast member Kirstie Alley sitting in the audience due to a feud over Remini’s departure from Scientology, according to a recent report by the National Enquirer.


Dorothy Cascerceri, host and executive producer of Celebrity Corner, thinks Leah is stepping way out of bounds, if the report is true.

“She doesn’t own Dancing With the Stars, so she can’t decide who does or does not attend or appear on tapings,” Dorothy says. “She and Kirstie should keep their Scientology out of the ballroom anyway—or better yet, maybe they should settle their differences with a dance off! Kirstie would definitely win.”

— Kelly Rouba, guest contributor

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6 thoughts on “Leah Remini Wants Kirsie Alley Banned From Dancing With the Stars?”

  1. What I really think is stupid, is that people will fight or even stop associating with people because of their differences in opinion regarding religion. Religion is personal, and isnt anyone elses business. Even if Leah said things about Scientology that Kirstie feels is untrue, TOO BAD, GET OVER IT. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m just thinking that they were never REAL friends anyway if Kirstie is going to react that way. Seems like they were only friendly because they had something in common. If thats the case, then Kirstie is really a sad person. So then “I” feel that maybe I don’t want to watch that sad person anymore in anything that she does. Used to be a fan, not anymore

  2. But that is what Scientologist do, they alienate people and do what ever they can to make them look bad or cause them trouble. A quick Google search will turn up a ton of videos and articles of what Scientologist do to people that do not agree with them or speak out about their “religion”…

  3. As one of the stars of the current run of the show she has EVERY RIGHT to demand that someone who has attacked her publicly over her religious beliefs not attend.

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