Leaked Vanessa Hudgens Racy Nude Photos Stir Up Scandal Again

More racy nude photos of Disney star Vanessa Hudgens were leaked to the Internet this week, stirring up yet more scandal for the 20-year-old  actress.

Leaked nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens first circulated on the web in late 2007. Those racy pictures were allegedly taken by Hudgens for High School Musical co-star and boyfriend Zac Efron and stolen by a hacker from her BlackBerry.


An unidentified source reportedly told x17online.com the nude photos are indeed Vanessa Hudgens, but they are old pics from the same set that were released in 2007.

Lawyers for Vanessa Hudgens have reportedly contacted various web sites posting the racy pics, including PerezHiton.com, demanding the nude photos be removed. Reps for the Disney star have not otherwise commented on scandal.

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