LeAnn Rimes jokes to avoid responding to boob job rumor

Singer LeAnn Rimes was seen recently taking a vacay with fiancé Eddie Cibrian in Mexico, and all anyone could talk about was her new bikini-rocking rack and how she’d obviously had breast implants.  Rimes often tweets about lots of subjects, including rumors about her in the press, so she decided to go ahead and deal with the boob job talk by deflecting it with a joke.

“The rumors are true….Eddie got chest implants….ok, there FINE :)-” quipped Rimes, completely not answering the question and answering it at the same time.  Ironically, Rimes has been quoted as saying that her least favorite thing about Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife Brandi Glanville is that Glanville’s body was too plastic.  Oops.

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