LeAnn Rimes Pregnant? Country Star Says Hell to the No

Is LeAnn Rimes pregnant? If you believe the tabloids, she is. If you believe the country star herself, the answer is hell no. Star Magazine proclaimed they’d spotted a LeAnn Rimes baby bump on the front cover of this week’s issue along with a photo of the singer looking puffy around the middle. According to Rimes, however, nothing could be farther than the truth. In fact, she claims that she’s so not pregnant, she’s actually losing weight — not gaining it.

Photo: LeAnn Rimes/Twitter
Photo: LeAnn Rimes/Twitter

Star Magazine proudly announced the ‘new’s that LeAnn Rimes is pregnant with husband Eddie Cibrian’s baby in the latest edition of the tabloid.  If that had been true, it would have been the first child for Rimes and the third for Cibrian, who has two sons with his ex-wife.

Actor Eddie Cibrian (CSI: Miami), you might remember, is the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, who made her own headlines this week with a severe wardrobe malfunction brought on by a heavy bout of public drunkenness. Cibrian and Glanville divorced after he confessed to cheating on her with several other women, including Rimes.

Despite Star Magazine’s alleged photo proof of LeAnn Rimes’ baby bump, the country singer says the whole rumor is just ridiculous. “LMAO Star Magazine!” Rimes posted on her Twitter feed. “I don’t know if you dr the pics or pic the worst one you can find, but I’m far from pregnant & just dropped a jean size.”

LeAnn Rimes has been criticized in the past for being so skinny she looked anorexic, so it has to kind of piss her off that she gets accused of being pregnant when she vaguely appears to have a bit more meat on her bones than usual. Rumors of a LeAnn Rimes pregnancy have been going on ever since she and Eddie Cibrian hooked up. We just aren’t going to believe it until it’s so obvious there is no escaping it, or they make an official announcement themselves.

Really, do the tabloids have nothing better to write about? How many times is LeAnn Rimes going to be pregnant this year? Or how about Jennifer Aniston? We’ve seen so many pregnant Jennifer Aniston covers in the past six months, we could wallpaper a room with them. What’s with the pregnant celebrities obsession? We think all tabloids should be forbidden to even print the words “baby bump” for 90 days just to give us all a break from the endless parade of ridiculous rumors about who is knocked up in Hollywood.

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