Lee Anthony’s Deposition Today Was Kinda Freaky

Murder suspect Casey Anthony’s brother Lee Anthony gave a video deposition today in the Zenaida Gonzales defamation case against Casey. Zenaida is trying to get her good name back…after Casey said her (imaginary) nanny was named Zenaida Gonzales, Zenaida got death threats, lost work, and basically had her world turned upside down.

Lee’s deposition was at times very strange, both with his responses and his body language. He laughed several times, acting more like he was hanging out with his buds instead of being in a very serious questioning session.

Under oath, Lee Anthony said that, to this day, he believes everything his sister tells him. Two weeks before the family reported Caylee missing, Lee Anthony said he started looking for Caylee himself. He said he caught his sister lying about being in Jacksonville.

Part 1: Link to the rest of the deposition at the end of this post.

In the deposition, Lee Anthony also admitted he’d never heard Gonzalez’s name before his sister’s arrest in July. Still, based on how his sister described the baby sitter, he was able to say that to his knowledge the woman that his sister described as the person who took Caylee was not the Zenaida Gonzalez who had filed the defamation lawsuit.

Attorneys asked Lee Anthony if he thought his sister was leading him on a false chase.

“After all the stories and inconsistencies, did you ever start to doubt Casey or think that she was leading you on a ‘wild goose hunt’ yourself?”

“No,” Lee Anthony said. “Um, you know, I don’t believe that I’ve been on a wild goose hunt. I believe that there’s probably more information that I could be given, whether it’s been withheld from me on purpose or she just doesn’t know to share it or what’s relevant to share or that someone else hasn’t shared something with me. But I do believe that there’s truth to a lot of what I’ve been told.”

When asked about the VERY strange “C.M.A.” speech at Caylee’s funeral, Lee said there are three women in his family with those initials: his mom, his sister and Caylee. Anyone who has seen this footage can’t help but feel creepy. It’s clearly directed at Casey, and it makes those “incest” rumors seem actually plausible.

Watch the rest of Lee Anthony’s deposition here.