Lesson of the Day: Do Not F**k with LL Cool J

LL Cool J is a man you just do not want to screw with. Seriously. Burglary suspect Jonathan Kirby, 56, learned that first hand (and fist) when he broke into the rapper’s home in Sherman Oaks, California on Wednesday morning. LL Cool J responded to the break-in by pounding the living hell out of the attempted robber.

Rapper and actor LL Cool J and his family were sleeping quietly when Jonathan Kirby allegedly broke into their home on Wednesday morning. LL Cool J was alerted to the break-in when the home’s security alarm went off around 1 AM.

Finding Jonathan Kirby inside his home, LL Cool J forcibly detained him and held him until police arrived on scene. During the ‘detainment’, LL Cool J broke the the intruder’s nose, jaw and ribs. LL Cool J messed the guy up so badly, he’s still in the hospital being treated for his injuries and hasn’t even been hauled off to jail yet. When he is finally brought up on charges, he could be facing life in prison due to his prior criminal convictions.

LL Cool J, aka James Todd Smith, plays a former Navy SEAL on NCIS: Los Angeles. Seeing the results of his smashing defense of home and family, it looks like the real SEALS might have missed out when LL Cool J decided to pursue an entertainment career instead of a military one!

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